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Polymath single launch

We had our single launch on Saturday at FourBars, Cardiff. It was an amazing night. It started with the brilliant Junior Bill and the scallies. You need to check these guys out they’re really good and really entertaining live. Then Brothers followed with a very energetic performance. And then us!

We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came, you were a great crowd, which massively helps us play at our best!

Check out this great review by Kevin Pick for eFestivals/eGigs. It’s the most detailed review we’ve ever had ;)

Here’s a quote from it:

"In a world of vanilla troubadours, earnest singer/songwriters and landfill indie, it’s refreshing to see a band as diverse and unafraid as Fjords are, buck the trend.

Put simply, music needs Fjords!”

Full article here

FJORDS Polymath released today Thunderclap

we hope you can help us out by signing up to this Thunderclap to help promote the release of our new single Polymath which is out on 1st March.

By signing up to this, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all of you, creating a wave of attention.

As loyal fans of our music we want you to be involved in the promotion of this single. We believe that fans are the best way of spreading music around. Think of it as being our personal PR team.

Here’s the new single Polymath that you’ll be promoting


Big hugs


FJORDS feature in the new Scottish Widows advert campaign

We’re allowed to speak about this now. It’s been really hard trying to keep quiet about this over the last few months!

I think this has to be the most surreal thing to happen to FJORDS. And it all started off with Sonny being randomly stop by a talent scout whilst out shopping in Cardiff!

He told us at a practice that he had auditioned for a Scottish Widows advert. We’re were winding him up about this for ages, thinking he’s been fooled into being in an adult movie. It just sound too random to be true!…….But it was. As we all found out when they asked the rest of the band to feature in the advert too!

You can read an interview Sonny did with Dave Owens at the South Wales Echo here, to find out a bit more.

You can check out the TV advert here:

And the internet advert featuring FJORDS and our new single Polymath is here:

FJORDS Polymath makes Fresh Faves

We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve made the Fresh On The Net, Fresh Faves this week. This is part of the BBC Introducing Mixtape show run by Tom Robinson on 6 Music

According to the Bristol-based online magazine The Flux, Cardiff’s electro rock band Fjørds will be releasing this track Polymath as their third single on 1st March 2014 via Crookedman Records as a followup to their previous releases Domino and Russian Doll. I love the energy and momentum radiated by this band, and I bet they’re a storming live band. Clearly enough readers agreed to place Polymath in the top 50% of our tracks from the weekend’s Listening Post. Their web presence is great and the intensity of the group’s interaction with their audience is seriously impressive. If I was their manager though, my advice would be to come off the road after this single and focus their considerable energies into writing very much more distinctive material before the next push. Fjørds are a likeable bunch but personally I’d like to hear something considerably odder and very much more original from them next time around.”

Take a look at everyone else that got selected here:

The 51 greatest Welsh pop records of 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, our music correspondent David Owens sifts through his record box to pick out the best tracks from the last 12 months

And we get featured!!! Thanks Dave…


Imagine if you will a world where John Foxx fronts Duran Duran in a vortex where The Killers lurk menacingly in the background as Gareth Bale proclaims you his favourite band and Manic Street Preachers lend you their studio to lay down your tracks. That, somewhat improbably, is the fact of Fjords. Intrigued? You will be.

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