‘I love the energy and momentum radiated by this band, and I bet they’re a storming live band' Tom Robinson - Fresh On The Net  

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Artists Point of View: ‘Sulwyn’ - Fjords

by Kyle McCormick on 14 August 2014 in Features
With a sound that’s heavily indebted to the ’80s, those unfamiliar with the band may well be forgiven for thinking that Cardiff’s Fjords are a nostalgic band. And they would be right. Sort of. In fact, Fjords’ overall sound is built around a delicate appreciation of both old aesthetics and contemporary technologies, going so far as to use QR codes on posters to give away ‘Sulwyn’ in their hometown.

Speaking of which, ‘Sulwyn’ is a sleek, synth-tinged affair that encapsulates the sound of the band perfectly; deep bass paired against shimmering synths and nuanced percussion, it’s a track that reveals a little more about itself with each listen. We asked singer Sonny to divulge a little more on the nature of the track.”

FJORDS - Sulwyn - Live session at Acapela Studio:

So here’s our news:

We’ve been awarded an Emerging Excellence Award by Help Musicians UK. This award is enabling us to work on a 4 track EP with legendary producer Gavin Monaghan, who has produced The Editors, Paulo Nutini and Robert Plant. We’re so excited to be given this opportunity and can’t wait for you guys to hear the outcome in the new year.


The 405 have premiered our video of Sulwyn check it out here

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